**NOTE: This video can only be fully experienced in an entirely dark setting with headphones on, no further than 20cm away from your eyes**

Creative Direction, Print, Video & Animation, Installation


Do moving images have to be seen to be experienced? Is there a different approach to appreciate it?

An experimental video installation was designed to challenge the norms of traditional film & moving images. The short film explores the phenomenon of phosphenes (the sensation of lights you see when you rub your eyes) and the relationship between light and our closed eyes, where the elemental aspect of seeing is taken away to experience this movie. It involves simulation of our eyes to see images in the dark, accompanied with a soothing soundtrack. The installation in public places brings the viewer away from the harsh lights of reality for a short while to rediscover the lights we can see inside.

Light specks and rays subtly light the overall darkness of the design. Type & imagery are distorted and blurred to simulate a dreamy effect. The poster, printed over holographic paper carries a transient quality when illuminated from various light sources, as if trying to visually recreate phosphenes.

using allyou.net