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I Got Chu

I Got Chu is a churros specialty shop, serving bold, wacky dips and toppings you never thought you would dip and love with your churros. Straying far from the traditional way of enjoying this well-loved snack, the brand is all for breaking rules and doing whatever it takes to get the best churro accompaniment, because they believe good churros are worth fighting for.

Inspired by the concept of a line, with yellow lines in particular. These simple lines can be authoritarian, communicating rules with a simple graphic. Found everywhere, they ask for you to stand behind them in case of approaching vehicles, to smoke within a zone created by meeting lines, or even to stop you from parking at the road shoulder. To deliberately cross these lines would be to break or go around these rules. 

Stationery Set
Created with alignment to the brand's belief of breaking rules, largely with the visual element of crossing and breaking lines.

Business Cards
"Please tear along the yellow line"
The tear tab starts off simple, then forces you to rip off the rest to reveal the information.

"Please tear behind the yellow line"
Ignoring instructions and tearing off from the line instead.


Type overprinted on lined paper, with mismactched tracking.

Heavily influenced by revolutionary posters, emulating the same, action-driven and bold attitude that movements push for.
Hands holding the churros reinforces strong associative imagery of the brand, getting people to pose the same way, an action which would be distinctively I Got Chu. It is easy to recreate, which would aid to market the brand over social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

An extension of the brand's advertising, done more indirect.
Since pasting stickers are seen as 'vandalism' in Singapore, doing so allows the brand to reinforces itself as defiant and rebellious, whilst also advertising to the crowd that appreciates such an attitude.


The unusual single-serve packaging creates a strong statement when held up. It acts as a response towards the advertising, sort of an ‘achievement’ for going against the norm, and trying out a wacky flavour.
The copywriting reads in first person form, which would make more sense when customers use the hashtag #igotchu (such as on Instagram & Twitter), as if announcing their acquirement. It also incorporates the brand’s name wittingly, leaving a deeper impression of the brand name.

incorporates visual element of yellow lines. Wall 'vandalized' with stickers for a more rebellious approach.


Simple one-page scroll website, focused on the dips I Got Chu offers and a social media plug.