Branding, Creative Direction


Food Playground brings people closer to the heart of Singapore by offering cultural cooking classes to those who seek the authentic local food culture. Throughout the class, the heritage and culture of Singapore is passed on to customers, creating a whole new way of bonding over food. A fictional rebranding was devised for the brand as it continues to expand, upholding not just the brand values, but also Singapore's food culture.

Singapore cuisine is delicately abstract, an indication of the ethnic diversity in our city. Our food is influenced by various cultures which cross-interact and create localized dishes from specific origins, making Singapore a true melting pot in both culture and cuisine.

Thought Behind The Design

To reflect a brand that hold food – our unifying identity, close to their heart, I embarked on a fictional rebranding. I embraced the best of local food in a fun and bold manner, yet retaining modernity so as not to be disconnected from their main target audience, travelers. Graphics created consist of ingredients shared amongst various cultures and foodstuffs enjoyed by locals, regardless of ethnicity. The graphics are also easily expandable for possible build-up for future use.

Full Rebranding Design

Corporate Stationery

Brochures for Tourists

A local term, tarpau or dabao, means to takeaway food, used on a daily basis when ordering food anywhere, be it hawker centres or restaurants. In the past, opeh leaf was commonly used to wrap food for takeaway, though takeaway is done in various formats now. To give customers a souvenir to bring home, the package was designed with the opeh leaf texture in the form of a holdall paper bag, marrying our distinct local flavour with a touch of modernity.

The takeaway would consist of little treats such as herbs & spices frequently used in Singapore's cuisine, and a special item which would reflect the day's menu, such as kueh moulds.

Takeaway and its contents

Possible doorgifts, such as an 'ang ku kueh' mould and a 'roti jala' mould

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