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A Scandinavian in-flight magazine, Scanorama delivers the best in travel suggestions. However, magazines are slowly dying out. I took the opportunity of the uprising of digital publications, where attention spans are halved and demands are higher, bringing Scanorama on-screen straight to iPads.

I wanted to redefine the reading experience, making the publication more engaging and interactive for the viewers, breaking the boundaries of traditional print magazines.

A showreel presenting the design and interactivity of the e-publication.

Transportation is something we overlook a lot in our daily lives, so I decided to pay a little tribute to transport. Since readers of Scanorama are mainly travelers, I thought this would be a great chance to introduce a familiar topic, interpreted various ways. The edition would then come in great use to them, acting as a travel buddy.

I named the article Transitional, a word play on its base word transit, which related to one of my main articles, and the meaning of it being ‘change’, which reflected another of my main article, converted transportation.

Preview of cover, content pages and a few opening pages.

Possible Articles
1: Converted Transport.
It would be interesting for travelers to see their frequent mean of commute changed into a different environment. 

2. Layovers: A Trip Within A Trip
Since my main target audience are travelers, chances are that they would frequently encounter boring transits.
This article shows them that travel can still be great fun, even when you’re waiting.

3. Tips & Tricks For The Layover Traveler
This article would be a good supplement to the previous mentioned one and would work hand-in-hand great for the readers as some people might forget some items.

A few chosen pages of the publication. Layout is liquid, meaning that they come in both horizontal & vertical versions.