Print, Poster Design


I designed a poster promoting a fictional exhibition of Crouwel, from lines to letters, which would feature a large variety of his works. Door gifts such as tote bags and badges were to be given out at the exhibition.

Wim Crouwel is a Dutch graphic designer and lover of typography. At large, he practises the International Typographic Style, sticking mainly to pure typography with little graphics.

The poster was designed to emulate the style of Wim Crouwel. It is highly typographical with minimal design elements. Based on the grid system that Crouwel coveted, the different bodies of text are clearly distinguished. The type is set in Akzidenz-Grotesk, his choice typeface. The poster also features the typeface New Alphabet, a 'controversial typeface' created by the man himself. Details were set in smaller type so that viewers would be able to get insight as to what the exhibition is about. A segment of the line was to be foil stamped to create more visual interest when viewers walk pass it.

The main design element, folded lines, is reminiscent of his New Alphabet. The angular edges of the type first reminded me of 3-D folds; hence I chose to focus the poster’s design around it. These lines are repeated in the remaining products so that there would be a distinctive design direction within the whole series.

Thought & Design Process

Upon researching on Wim Crouwel, I knew I wanted to focus my design on one of the many typefaces he created. They were all angular and geometric but highly different from one another, so I thought that it would make good design elements when played against otherwise pure typography.

After trying many different sketches, I decided to build my designs around New Alphabet.