Branding, Creative Direction, Collaboration


A fictional brief to promote a series of Mother's Day floral arrangement workshops to be held by
our chosen client, Floral Magic. A collaboration done with Koh Han Ling.

A short showreel showcasing the scope of our work.

We added an interesting twist to the workshop -- Participants would be encouraged to bring an item that best represents their mum. With the items and the flowers provided, Floral Magic would help them craft a unique and personalized bouquet for their beloved mother.

An example of the possible bouquets that could be created with various items brought by the participants.

We wanted to translate this fun and exciting element of the workshop into our designs. We named the workshop Creativity Blossoms, encouraging our participants to be innovative in creating a bouquet for their mum. The visuals, colour scheme and typography styles chosen further explore this direction.

Direct mailers would be sent out to past participants of Floral Magic workshops. Information printed around the frame ultimately directs the viewer to sign up for the workshop on their website.

These could double as a frame for photos taken after participating in the workshop.

Three video teasers would be posted on Floral Magic's social media, sparking curiosity and interest amongst their followers, and encouraging them to sign up for the workshop.

Released sequentially, these teasers form an interesting narrative, inviting viewers to participate.

would be given out in-store, to reach out to Floral Magic’s walk-in customers, or customers who might not be following them on social media.

The website acts as the main platform for information and signing up of the workshop. The direct mailer, online video teasers, and in-store brochures all serve to bring potential participants to the site.

Homepage of website.